Packaging and Storage
Unicorn and Unizone provide a variety of packaging options such as box packaging, palletizing and re-palletizing, shrink wrapping, etc. to ensure the safety of your materials.

In addition to this, we provide container loading/unloading, picking and packing of items, tagging and labelling of your materials.

Unicorn and Unizone also provides short term warehousing services for your convenience; to collect your materials from different suppliers and dispatch your goods together, all in one go.

Door to Door Delivery
For small items or large, our various delivery options ensure your item is collected from your door and delivered directly to your client on time and within budget. We also undertake distribution of full and part load shipments to one or more locations as per your business requirements.

Customs Clearance
We offer one of the fastest and smoothest customs clearance services with no hiccups. Ensure your freight is cleared on time with no demurrages*.
Please consult us for the same.

*subject to proper documentation and approvals.